Fix Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes At Home!

Favorite Restaurant Dishes

Favorite Restaurant Dishes

Ever Wish You Can Cook Like the Restaurants?  Well YOU can make your favorite restaurant dishes in the comfort of your own home!

With America’s Restaurant Recipes, you too can re-create the famous signature dishes from your FAVORITE eateries!


All you need is a regular kitchen, simple store-bought ingredients, and of course, your appetite!

  • Eat Healthier – Food you prepare at home doesn’t have any chemicals or preservatives added, and YOU get to choose the ingredients that go into the food your family eats – not a restaurant employee trying to make more profits by skimping on freshness or quality…


“I was in the restaurant field for close to 4 years, and I know that everything is pre -made, boxed, bagged, and full of blubber, ready to be assembled. I love that I get the same great flavor, without the excess fat and preservatives. It’s healthy, full of flavor, and I already have all of the ingredients in my kitchen.”

– Martina M.


 Get access to your favorite restaurant recipes from:

-Olive Garden

-Cheesecake Factory

-TGI Friday’s

-PF Chang’s


And More!

Savor the experience of preparing great tasting restaurant dishes and entrees at home, and then the payoff of serving and enjoying them… for yourself, family, or guests.


Favorite Restaurant Dishes